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What happened in Vegas… I’m actually happy to share with you

By Alexandre

It’s late here in Denver, and I just realized I’m already way behind on my updates. I drove straight from Vegas to Denver yesterday on my way back from LA, and I’m now busy reviewing some of the footage we shot, fan submissions, and a handful of other goodies I’ll have to write about at a later date.


Picking up where I left off, our last couple of days in California were simply unbelievable. We got a chance to talk to Eric Stough, Director of Animation for SOUTH PARK, and we talked at length about the infamous Crystal Skull episode that aired last year. He told us a story about Steven Spielberg hosting a SOUTH PARK party for his kids and their friends, and apparently THE episode played that day (I kid you not!). You can only imagine the rest of that story… Don’t worry, if it doesn’t make the final cut, I’ll do my best to add it as a DVD extra or an Easter egg somewhere.

Jabba the Hutt in 10 seconds

Jabba the Hutt in 10 seconds

We were also treated to a special performance by Mark Reilly and Michael Cornacchia (of STAR WARS IN 30 MINUTES fame)–okay, it was still an interview, but I call it a performance. The play was inspired by Tom Stoppard’s 15-minute Hamlet, and it basically became a worldwide stage hit. Mark was even flown to the Ranch to perform it for George. And Michael’s Jabba impersonation was absolutely off the charts! You can read more about their work at the following link:

STAR WARS in 30 Minutes

Nerdlebrity Chris Gore with his prized GL action figure

Nerdlebrity Chris Gore with his prized GL action figure

We started our final day with Film Threat ├╝ber geek Chris Gore, and capped it off with an insightful conversation with John Venzon, who edited FLUSHED AWAY, and, most recently, the soon-to-be-released ASTROBOY. John was extremely thoughtful and mostly pro-Lucas, and his perspective as an editor was truly invaluable. We did, of course, chat about some of the nuances between the original films and the Special Editions. To this day, he still looks at the 1977 cut of STAR WARS as the most perfectly paced film of all time, and he admits to watching it every now and then for inspiration. He didn’t bash the Special Editions–far from it–but he did address the subtle nuances of pacing that didn’t seem to work as well for him as in the original cut. A slight disturbance in The Force, if you will.

Spent the night at the Vegas Motel 6–something I haven’t done in years–and I was surprised to find a really nice mod room with plasma TV for the whopping rate of $39.99 plus tax! Went to the MGM Grand and Hooters Casino to watch people throw their cash out the window, glad to see that Vegas remains Vegas in this economy, and that the next bigger and better casino is indeed surrounded by working cranes. I received an email that night from someone who compiled 3 1/2 hours of media reactions to REVENGE OF THE SITH (before and after the film’s release), and kindly offered to share them with me for additional evidence. The support and tips we’ve received from people around the world continues to be the best thing about this documentary. It’s a vibrant community I feel truly blessed to be a part of, and that’s all the incentive I need to make a great flick. I realize I won’t be able to please every fan out there, but I sure as hell will continue to give it my best shot. I keep going back to the fact that this is an important film for the fans, so rest assured that we’re all working very hard to make it as compelling and thorough as possible. So thanks for all the support; and by all means, keep it coming!


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