Comic-Con, WorldCon, Frank & Son, here we come!!

#1 of 4 PvsG exclusive giveaway postcards (limited edition of 1,000 each). Find us at Comic-Con, Frank & Son or WorldCon, and they're yours!!

#1 of 4 Comic-Con exclusive giveaway postcards (limited edition of 1,000 each). Find us at Comic-Con, Frank & Son or WorldCon, and they're yours!!

It’s official! THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS does Comic-Con, and boy, do we have surprises in store for you! Robert (our Director of Photography) will unfortunately miss the event, as he’s currently shooting the Tour de France. But he will be replaced (or should I say substituted, as he is truly irreplaceable) by maverick filmmaker Chris Bagley, whose latest feature doc, WESLEY WILLIS’S JOYRIDES, screened at Slamdance and SXSW last year. Chris, Vanessa and yours truly will form the skeleton crew we’ve put together for this year’s Comic-Con. Considering the madness that is to be expected, we chose to capture the spirit of the event guerrilla-style, and I think that Chris’s bold shooting style will work really well under the circumstances. It will be a workout, though. The Sony EX1 is a heavy camera if you choose to go hand-held.

All this to say that we will be in San Diego for the entire event, morning ’til closing time, with one intent and one intent only: interviewing more fans, and a handful of special guests and panelists. Okay, so I might take an occasional break to visit the Sideshow Collectibles booth or shake Robert Kirkman’s hand (big WALKING DEAD fan right here), but we’ll constantly be on the lookout for the staunchest GL enthusiasts and detractors on the floor. How will you find us in a massive convention space filled to the brim with over 100K costumed geeks, you might ask? Look for our PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS T-shirts. We’ll be wearing them every day. And don’t forget to ask us for our Comic-Con exclusive postcards, courtesy of our brilliant illustrator and concept artist Brett Nienburg. A portion of the first one is pictured above (there’s a total of four in a limited edition of 1,000 each). So if you spot us, come say ‘hi’, shake our hands, and we’ll be happy to give you the entire set.

Robert will fly straight from Paris to Los Angeles to meet us there after the Con, as we have another solid week of shooting planned in the area. And mark your calendars: if you missed us in San Diego, we’ll spend the entire day at the Frank & Son Collectible Show on Saturday, August 1st. Luis Lecca of Nuke the Fridge kindly invited us, and we simply couldn’t resist spending another sunny California day locked in a convention space! After that, we’ll drive up to Modesto, back to Denver, and fly the next day to Montreal to attend WorldCon and interview a number of sci-fi writers, including several contributors to the book STAR WARS ON TRIAL.

But that’s not even half the exciting news! Indeed, what I’m most psyched about is the fact that the post-production process is now officially under way! This will be a long, grueling and organic process, obviously, as we’re still collecting new footage to add to the mix. But the structure is coming together, and Chad (our editor, about whom–little known fact–Wesley Willis himself wrote a song) and I are taking baby steps in the right direction. In fact, we made the conscious decision to start “in the midst of things”, as Aristotle would put it, and work on the substantial segment dedicated to the Special Editions and the more philosophically complex question of who “owns” STAR WARS–George or the fans? This is going to be a key sequence in the film, because it not only deals with visceral reactions (read childhood rape) from the fans, but also with seriously complex topics like film preservation and our cultural heritage, no less. We decided to tackle this sequence head-on, because it made sense to me to start with what I consider to be the heart of the debate; but also because several distributors have requested to see a full sequence from the film; and on that level, I think this is as juicy a place to start as any.

So whether you’re heading to San Diego, Los Angeles or Montreal to attend the aforementioned events, ask around, look for us! Chances are, we’ll be right around the corner from you, ready to immortalize your rant. And with just two months left before our cut-off date for submissions, you may ask yourself… ANY OBJECTIONS..?