Delving deeper into the wonders and mysteries of fan filmmaking

Clive Young's fascinating look at fan filmmakers--many of whom will be featured in our film

Clive Young's fascinating look at fan filmmakers--many of whom will be featured in our film

A whole month has passed since my last blog entry. That’s what happens when you’re having too much fun in the editing room. Chad has been laborious in terms of laying down the content, and we have a pretty solid arc for the first 40 minutes of our doc. I’m working on layering it with B-Roll while Chad forges ahead with the second half of the film. We made the conscious decision to eliminate the peripheral content early in order to avoid ending up with a 4 hour rough cut, and the narrative is feeling pretty tight as a result. We’re aiming for a 90-minute theatrical cut, because we’d much rather leave audiences wanting more, and “more” is definitely something we’ll be able to supply staggering amounts of in our upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release.

After a quick trip to the Sapporo Short Fest in Japan (AMAZING toro, sushi fans!), where our last three shorts screened in the Filmmaker Section, I’m now back on the East Coast with my crew (the gravlax and belly lox bagels aren’t too shabby either). A couple of days ago, we interviewed Clive Young, author of the fascinating Homemade Hollywood–a thorough tribute to fan films, and Casey Pugh, the brilliant mind behind Star Wars Uncut–the most extraordinary and ambitious expression of participatory culture I’ve encountered in my three years making this film. We’re heading back to LA next week for one final interview trip, and we’re still thinking about going to Tokyo in December, but Robert might just have to go alone as I will likely be needed in the editing room. Fan footage continues to fill up our PO Box, more than a month past our deadline, and I’m okay with that. Why would we censor such a passionate outpour of creativity? Forget the deadlines. We’ll accept submissions until we’re officially done with the film.

We have to leave Long Island now, and head toward Baltimore for a quick client shoot, followed by another interview with a Boston-based fan vidder. I’ll be back in Denver in time to celebrate my 37th birthday. A cheese and wine party is in the works–directly preceded and followed by more edit sessions. When will I have a chance to watch WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE??