‘Star Wars Uncut’ now complete!

We’re absolutely THRILLED to announce that STAR WARS UNCUT–PvG’s sister project, helmed by the illustrious Casey Pugh–is 100% finished! This incredible film is a full recreation of the original STAR WARS movie, which Casey decided to split into 472 segments of 15 seconds each. Fans from around the world claimed the segments of their choice, and essentially remade STAR WARS with the tools they had at their disposal.

Many STAR WARS UNCUT contributors participated in our doc as well, and we wish them (and Casey) great success for their premiere at CPH:PIX in Copenhagen. It’s our understanding that there will be screenings of the film in NYC as well, and we’ll be sure to announce the latest on our Facebook page. We certainly hope to setup a PvG/SWU double-feature in the near future as well.

Casey’s trailer for the project is available here, and a full sneak preview sequence was just released here. And here’s a short blurb from Wired.com’s Lewis Wallace.