Strasbourg photo album

Because pictures are worth a thousand words (my excuse for opting out of a lengthy blog entry in between flights), here’s an extensive photo album of our French premiere at the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival–by far, one of our most memorable festival experiences to date. They had it all: a Village Fantastique, a massive Lego Star Wars exhibit (with vintage French posters and press clippings), Jedi Knights and Sith Lords… Not to mention the amazing Alsatian food and wines (choucroute au saumon, filets de sandre au riesling, Gewürztraminer vendanges tardives)! Oh, and mega collector Greg Gence invited me to his house, and you’ll find a couple of pics of his collection, which puts mine to shame.

HUGE thanks to Daniel Cohen, Consuelo Holtzer, and the entire SEFFF team for putting Strasbourg on the map of fantastic film festivals in a big way! They were also kind enough to put me on the jury with Brian Yuzna, Axelle Carolyn and Manlio Gomarasca; and, as a side note, I’m happy to report that our pick for the Silver Méliès–BURIED (by Rodrigo Cortés)–was just awarded the Gold Méliès at the Sitges Film Festival. Congrats to Rodrigo for an amazing filmmaking achievement!

Pics from Sitges coming up. Back in Denver now for 36 hours. Off to Hawaii bright and early on the 21st!


Le Village Fantastique - Window Display