PvsG crew off to Europe and the East Coast!

It’s official! Director Alexandre O. Philippe, Producer Vanessa Philippe, and DP/Producer Robert Muratore are gearing up for an extended trip to Europe and the East Coast to conduct interviews and meet with members of the press. UK Producer Anna Higgs will join in on the fun in London.

While we expect to have a packed schedule, send us an email if we’re in your neck of the woods, and we’ll do our best to squeeze in an interview if we find an opening. Here’s where you can expect to find us:

09/27-10/04: Paris, France

10/05-10/08: Lisbon, Portugal

10/09-10/18: London, UK

10/19-10/24: Geneva, Switzerland

10/25-10/29: Cannes, France

10/30-11/07: New York, NY

11/08-11/09: Winston Salem, NC

You can expect numerous updates during that trip, so please visit our website often. And many thanks to all the fans out there who continue to send us their great footage! We’re doing this for you. We’ve been quite busy shooting another feature doc in India and China during the past three months, and we’re chomping at the bit to kicking things up a notch!