Groundbreaking Feature-Length Doc Reveals First High-Profile Interviews

DENVER, CO (December 19, 2008) – Exhibit A Pictures teams up with London-based Quark Films on THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS—the highly anticipated documentary event that delves into the impassioned feelings and opinions expressed by fans and foes of legendary screen icon George Lucas, and the many debates surrounding his legacy.

Revered by some, feared and demonized by others, George Lucas is undoubtedly the most talked about and criticized filmmaker in movie history. Why have so many STAR WARS fans turned against him to decry the release of the Special Editions and the Prequel Trilogy? Why is George Lucas the constant target of bloggers, critics and self-proclaimed devotees? And why are millions of others staunchly prepared to defend him in the face of innumerable accusations? THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS aims to answer those questions, and to impartially deconstruct the cultural legacy of a man whose life, feelings and creative impulses remain largely shrouded in mystery.

Directed by Swiss-born, George Lucas enthusiast Alexandre O. Philippe, and produced by Vanessa Philippe, Robert Muratore, Kerry Deignan Roy and Quark founders Anna Higgs and Gavin Humphries, this controversial documentary has already captured the attention of fans around the world. What’s more, anyone equipped with a video camera is now welcome to participate and submit interviews, rants, songs, skits, animated shorts and other forms of expression for possible inclusion in the film through the September 30, 2009 deadline. Paying tribute to the YouTube phenomenon in groundbreaking fashion, THE PEOPLE VS. GEORGE LUCAS will utilize amateur homemade videos and professional hi-definition footage in equal amounts to craft one of the most original, entertaining, cinematic, and widely anticipated portraits in the history of the medium—the world’s first digitally democratic documentary.

The Exhibit A team is currently traveling the world to interview countless personalities, critics, scholars, writers, filmmakers, comedians, and notorious George Lucas admirers and detractors. Notables (to date) include Gary Kurtz (legendary producer of STAR WARS and EMPIRE STRIKES BACK), Sandy Lieberson (former Head of Production at 20th Century Fox), Dale Pollock (author of SKYWALKING), Producer Anthony Waye (JAMES BOND 007), David Prowse OBE (aka Darth Vader), Nik Powell (THE CRYING GAME), and rising star Tom Payne (MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY). Critics and writers Wendy Ide (THE TIMES), Ian Freer (EMPIRE MAGAZINE), Todd Hanson (THE ONION), Glenn Kenny (PREMIERE) and Joe Leydon (VARIETY) also joined in on the fun, along with MC Frontalot (Godfather of Nerdcore Hip-Hop) and Boba Fett & The Americans, the latest band spearheaded by Shawn King from the Grammy-nominated Denver gypsy outfit DeVotchKa.

Chock-full of impassioned interviews, powerful musical performances, never-before-seen polaroids from the original STAR WARS continuity script, stop-motion and 3D animation, Super 8 action figure films, puppet rants and many other surprises, THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS is slated for release in the Spring of 2010 at a theater not too far, far away from you…